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Incredible news: Charles Barkley doesn't know how to send emails unless he's replying to one. A week after being named to the NBA's 75th anniversary team, the Hall of Famer and Turner Sports analyst said that he has never -- NEVER! -- started an email thread. Or, as he put it, he doesn't "initiate" emails. 

Barkley revealed this during an episode of "The Steam Room," the podcast he co-hosts with Turner Sports' Ernie Johnson. It occurs 37 1/2 minutes in.

Another reason Barkley isn't an avid emailer or social media user: When he's disparaging someone, he does not want there to be evidence -- unless, of course, he's doing it on air. Barkley's advice to his listeners and viewers -- "all you idiots, fools and jackasses out there," in his words -- is to talk trash behind people's backs, over beers. Johnson and "Inside the NBA" producer Tim Kiely were amused by this. 

For your viewing pleasure: 

A full transcript:

Barkley: This social media, email stuff has reared its ugly head again.

Johnson: Hold on, social media ...

Barkley: And email. OK, I'm going to say this for the one last time.

Johnson: And this will not be the last time, but go ahead.

Barkley: I've never sent an email.

Kiely: You have sent an email.

Barkley: No, I haven't.

Johnson: You've responded to email.

Barkley: I know how to respond. I don't know how to do one. I don't know how to initiate one. But I do, I can respond. I will admit that. Remember that night you taught me how to put the ...

Johnson: The emoji?

Barkley: Yeah, that's the last time I used it. That night you taught me on the air. To all you idiots, fools and jackasses out there, it's our right to talk bad about people. We all do it. But we don't leave a paper trail.

Kiely: That's beautiful.

Barkley: I talk bad about people the old fashioned way: behind their back. I don't put it in writing. When I talk bad about Ernie, Kenny, Shaq and you, T.K., I'm sitting at a table with my friends drinking some beers.

Another Barkley Fact from the podcast: Every time Barkley goes to Subway, he orders an Italian sub. "I'm a salami guy," he said. Ernie Johnson immediately added Salami Guy to Barkley's long list of nicknames.