Charles Oakley to finally suit up in Ice Cube's BIG3 this weekend

Former New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls forward Charles Oakley -- in the news recently for off-the-court activity -- will try to make waves on the court by fulfilling the "player" part of "player/coach" in the BIG3 league this weekend.

The league generated plenty of buzz leading up to the opening week, but the interest level has dropped quickly, due in large part to the tape-delayed games and injured (Jason Williams) and sometimes missing (Allen Iverson) stars. 

In fact, some of the most entertaining moments have come not from on-court play but from Oakley's profane coaching rants, which are simply spectacular. 

This week, however, Oakley will be trading in his coaching clothes for a Killer 3s jersey, as the 53-year-old will suit up for his squad. This will be the first game he'll take the court in. 

At 53, it's hard to imagine that Oakley will play too many minutes Sunday, but regardless, this rules. The fireworks might come from his mouth rather than his play on the court, but either way, the Killer 3s' game figures to be worth checking out when it's broadcast Monday night. 

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