Watch Now: Time to Schein: 'The Last Dance' finale takeaways (4:48)

"The Last Dance" documentary wrapped up on Sunday night when final two episodes of the 10-part series aired. The documentary has given fans an inside look to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, while also reminding people of some old music they love. The song selections in the documentary were a lot like Jordan himself -- they did not miss.

The soundtrack has received a lot of attention, with each song's streaming numbers increasing drastically over the last month. One song that has is getting heightened recognition is the '90's Bull's theme song. Spotify told TMZ that since the series premiered on April 19, plays for The Alan Parson Project's "Sirius" have gone up 335% across the world. Sometimes all it takes is a 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan to remind you how much you love a song from the past.

"Sirius" used to blare through the United Center as MJ and his teammates entered the court. Fans would erupt as the music echoed in the seats. Between 1982 and 1998, a time that saw many championships, the 1982 song playing meant Jordan and company had arrived. It defined the era in Chicago.

The song is still played at home games, but with games stopped, Bulls fans are unable to hear it with the backdrop they are used to. So instead, fans -- and those reminded of the song through its connection to "The Last Dance" -- are blasting it from their homes and in their headphones.