It has been over a year since Chris Bosh last played for the Miami Heat -- Feb. 9, 2016 against the Spurs -- when he went for 18 points and five rebounds in a losing effort. The 33-year-old Bosh, who has not been able to play due to blood clots, is still listed on the Heat roster, and his 5-year, $118 million contract runs through the 2018-19 season. 

On Monday, Bosh was a guest on "Larry King Now", and said he believes he will one day play in the NBA again. "Yeah, I think so," Bosh said when asked about his future playing in the league. "It's been a very interesting time, because I'm used to playing basketball, used to practicing, used to the schedule. That's kind of what I was born to do, that's what I've been doing my whole life," he continued.

Later, Bosh added, "At heart I'm still an athlete, and that is not how I want it to end."

As Bosh notes in the interview, it's certainly a complicated situation in Miami, as Bosh wishes to play, but doing so could put him in serious danger -- especially considering he once had a blood clot travel to his lungs. While the Heat could use his skills, they need to put his safety first, which is what they have done so far. 

Bosh, though, is understanding of the Heat's perspective. Via the Miami Herald:

"I understand what they have to do as a team," said Bosh, who is signed through the 2018-19 season. "It is a business. I know we as athletes and owners and people involved with the NBA never want to say that it's a business and things like that. It is a business. And hurt does come in with that. But, as president of the Miami Heat, I understand what he [Pat Riley] has to do."

At this point, there's really nothing to do but wait and see what happens. But it does seem that if Bosh is to return, it will be with someone other than Miami.