Chris Kaman not in the role he pictured with the Lakers

Manu was off his game Wednesday.   (Getty Images)
Chris Kaman isn't excited about his role with the Lakers. (Getty Images)

It's been a rough week for Los Angeles Lakers' big men. First, Pau Gasol got called out by his coach. And now it's Chris Kaman's turn to do a little griping. 

After joining the Lakers over the summer and choosing to leave the Mavericks, Kaman apparently had the expection for quality, meaningful minutes. Instead, not so much. And he's not thrilled about it.

"It's absolutely not what I was looking for," Kaman told on Monday. "It's not really in my control. I just try to keep working hard and be ready if the time comes. And if it doesn't, then it just wasn't meant to be.

"Never did I think I would come here and not play, otherwise I probably wouldn't have come," Kaman said. "I had a bunch of other options, but I saw opportunity here."

Kaman has been dealing with a little bit of a back injury, but says he's completely fine and 100 percent again. On the season, he's only appeared in 13 games with three starts, and has only appeared once in the last 11 games. And that was 12 minutes in garbage time against the Thunder. 

The Lakers are paying Kaman a one-year, $3.2 million contract, and with him now eligible to be dealt, maybe the Lakers shop him. Or maybe he requests a trade. The Lakers are more than $7 million over the tax line so anything to trim off it saves them money. 

"I haven't," Kaman said via ESPN LA when asked about talking with management about a deal. "The conversations I've had have been, 'Let's stick with it. Let's play it out a little more. Let's see where things go.' So I just try to be ready and be positive. I'm not going to let it take away from me having fun and being a good person. I just do the best I can with what I've got."

Kaman, 31, is averaging 8.3 points and 5.1 rebounds in 13 games. 

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