CJ McCollum called Evan Fournier 'soft, like those crepes you eat,' during altercation

A lot of trash talk goes on during the course of any NBA game. Occasionally things get heated and people get in each other's faces until teammates step in and cooler heads prevail.

You ever wonder what gets said during those tussles? Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum clued us in, and it's probably not what you'd expect. As a guest on the Flagrant Two Podcast with hosts Bill Reiter and Reid Forgrave, McCollum explained what he said to Magic forward Evan Fournier during an in-game altercation last week.

After McCollum stripped the ball off of Fournier's leg out of bounds, Fournier responded by shoving McCollum in the back as he walked away. The two then went face to face, and the altercation ended with McCollum blowing kisses at Fournier as he walked away.

"I just felt like he disrespected me by putting his hands on me," McCollum said. "Obviously, I'm not trying to get any fines or anything of that nature and I told him he was sweet. He's French, and I said that, 'you're sweet and soft like those crepes you eat.' "

Wow, we knew McCollum was a smart guy, but to come up with an international cuisine-based insult on the fly like that is truly impressive. Berets off to him.

The players received double technicals, but it was worth it to hear perhaps one of the greatest insults in NBA history.

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