Cleveland Cavaliers promote David Griffin to interim GM

The Cleveland Cavaliers fired general manager Chris Grant on Thursday and have named vice president of basketball operations, David Griffin, as the acting GM.

With the Cavs sliding down the standings, seemingly rife with internal turmoil, and nowhere close to coming through on the promise of avoiding the lottery, the organization made Grant the fall guy and it will be Griffin's job to see them through the trade deadline. It is expected that the Cavs will make another hire this offseason to fill the position long-term. From the Cavs: 

The Cleveland Cavaliers have released General Manager Chris Grant effective immediately and appointed Vice President of Basketball Operations, David Griffin, as Acting General Manager.

David Griffin joined the Cavaliers as vice president of basketball operations in September 2010. Prior to joining the Cavaliers, Griffin spent 17 seasons with the Phoenix Suns, the last three as the club’s senior vice president of basketball operations after being named to the position in June 2007.

Griffin has gone from an intern in the Phoenix Suns organization's communication department to now acting as general manager for the Cavs over his 20 years in the NBA. After four years working media relations for the Suns, he found his way into basketball operations, where he helped with draft preparation, scouting, and free agency. He's been the vice president of basketball operations for both the Suns and the Cavs.

Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert recently mentioned how he would be involved with the trade deadline prior to Grant's firing. The thought process behind it was to make sure that Grant didn't mortgage the future of the club now in a possible attempt to save his job. Instead, it's assumed that Gilbert will aid Griffin in deciding which moves to make without necessarily giving away young assets or draft picks without getting an acceptable return.

The Cavs are currently 16-33 and on a six-game losing streak. They sit 5.5 games out of the 8-seed with Detroit, New York, and Boston all ahead of them in the pursuit of cracking the postseason.

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