Cleveland meteorologist removes the word 'heat' from his forecast

There is no such thing as heat in Cleveland right now. It's only tepid or sultry or roasty or toasty or not hot. 

On WEWS Thursday evening, meteorologist Mark Johnson avoided using the word "heat" in his entire forecast for no reason at all. Nope. 

He went with "sultriness," "fieriness," "sweltering temperatures" and "stuff" and "toastiness," "roastiness" and "torrid temperatures." I think I read a Dr. Seuss book like this one time. Eventually, he ran out of words and just used "ninja turtle" in place of it. 

Not the first time that Johnson had some fun with his forecast following a Heat championship led by former Cleveland Cavaliers hero, LeBron James, as last season he went through a similar breakdown.

And I believe he might've been making fun of James' infamous elbow problem the entire time.

Nope, Cleveland's not bitter. Not at all. 

(T'was all in good fun, though. Well played, Mark Johnson of WEWS.)

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