Clippers CEO Parsons: Doc Rivers will quit if Donald Sterling stays

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Los Angeles Clippers interim CEO Dick Parsons testified on Tuesday that president and head coach Doc Rivers would quit the team if Donald Sterling remained the owner:

Arguing for the importance of the sale to Steve Ballmer being finalized, Parsons also brought up the issue of sponsors and players not wanting to be associated with Sterling.

These are all issues that were discussed soon after the Sterling scandal started. Players had a plan to boycott a playoff game, and if commissioner Adam Silver hadn't cracked down on Sterling with the harshest penalty possible, they would have gone through with it. It's difficult to imagine what would even happen to the franchise if Rivers left.

Doc Rivers said he'd quit if Donald Sterling isn't ousted.
Doc Rivers said he'd quit if Donald Sterling isn't ousted. (USATSI)

Since this mess started, Rivers has essentially become the top man in the organization. He's tried to bring the staff together and move forward. At what point does he decide to jump ship if Sterling manages to hold everything up?

Everyone involved is in a difficult situation. This is out of the league's hands right now and Sterling certainly isn't keen on bowing down or expediting the process.

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