The Los Angeles Clippers have been the best team in the league this season. They are an NBA-best 13-2 and have the league's highest net rating. Only the Golden State Warriors have been better offensively, and only the Atlanta Hawks have been better defensively.

There are a number of reasons for this. DeAndre Jordan has never played more dominant defense, J.J. Redick has never been more efficient and the Clippers are finally getting a little more out of their bench. The most important part, though, is that they have a point guard and a power forward playing at an MVP level.

This is Chris Paul and Blake Griffin's sixth season together, and it shows. Paul told USA Today's Sam Amick that their chemistry is at an all-time high:

"Oh, no question (it's) better now than ever," Paul told me on Friday. "Like I'm saying, we both have matured so much, and our communication is amazing right now, so sometimes it takes time. That's what (happened) with me and BG, and there's nothing like it right now. We are having some of the most fun that we've had in our time together."


"I know for me, when I got my family and my kids it gave me a different perspective on everything," Paul said. "To see Blake now, with two kids and stuff like that, I just - it's different, you know what I mean? You see the sense of urgency, you know what I mean? I think we both share that, and understand that we've got everything that we could ever want, as far as an unbelievable family, you get to play the game that we love, and have all the accolades, and now we just want that one thing (the title that has eluded them both)."

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin after beating Toronto
Two Clippers superstars celebrate another victory. USATSI

They have been a terrific tandem in the pick-and-roll for years, and over the last few seasons Griffin has evolved into one of the league's best playmakers. The big man also is a huge part of Los Angeles' team defense now, and Paul is defending as well as anybody at his position. This stuff isn't completely captured by basic stats, but let's look at them anyway (career highs in bold):

Chris Paul 18.4 5.2 8.8 30.3 62.7
Blake Griffin 21.9 9.3 4.4 26.4 57.1

Part of their ridiculous efficiency: Griffin is turning the ball over less frequently than ever, and Paul is shooting a career-high 43.6 percent from 3-point range. Some of this comes with continuity: the Clippers' four best players have been the same for the past four seasons, and they know how to get good looks in coach Doc Rivers' offense.

The most telling part of Paul's comments to USA Today is when he says he and Griffin are having fun. If you've watched them, then that has been obvious. There's a real flow to Clippers games now, and the two superstars rarely force anything. When you're playing like this, it's extremely easy to get along.