Clippers' Chris Paul's shoe collection is cooler than yours, maybe mine

CP3's Jumpman 23s. (jada_ap on Instagram)
CP3's shoes in a closet by Closet Factory Los Angeles. (jada_ap on Instagram)

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul lives in a gigantic house. And when you live in a big house, you get to turn a bedroom into a shoe museum that leaves me envious of his Jordan shoe collection. Since CP3 is sponsored by Jordan Brand, he probably has a connection somewhere down the chain of command that can hook him up with any shoes that he wants. 

The picture above comes from his wife, who posted it on Instagram to show off just a portion of the shoes that Chris Paul possesses. There are some Jordan III's in there, and are those multiple pairs of the XI's back there? Color me insanely jealous. Insanely jealous!

I used to have a decent collection of Jordans and other Nike and Adidas shoes. But when I moved from Sacramento to Minneapolis in 2011, I just didn't have a lot of room in the car that we packed up. We also were living in an apartment in Minneapolis that was just under 800 square feet, so there wasn't a lot of room, anyway. Now we live in a loft that is over 1,300 square feet, which I'm sure rivals the 12,184 square foot Bel Air mansion that CP3 purchased from Avril Lavigne

While I now have the room to rebuild my shoe collection, I ended up having to give away or sell 33 pairs of shoes at the time of my move. I sold some to friends and gave the rest to Goodwill. But even with the mass exodus of shoes from my closet, I still have a collection of shoes that rivals what Chris Paul is showing above. 

My shoes (My closet)
My shoes (My closet)

If I took away the captions under the photos, would you be able to tell the difference in the collections?

Jealous, Chris Paul? There are some dress shoes, a pair of Jordan I's in the back of the third shelf, a pair of XXIII's, some Rasheed Wallace Air Force Ones and the Jordan XXII's with the brief case. I don't see any briefcases with shoes in your closet, Chris.

I'd be willing to trade. I'm a 12.

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