Clippers-Grizzlies Game 6: The Joey Crawford takeover

Joey Crawford has a... reputation. He's known to throw out crazy techs, weird ejections, to try and take the game over. He's a respected, long-time veteran, but there is a history with some things getting out of control when he tries to maintain his influence on the floor. Combine that with an elimination Game 6 in a super-physical series, and you're bound to have some craziness. 

And in Game 6 between Memphis and the Clippers, it got Joey-Crawford-Crazy

One flagrant foul on Chauncey Billups

Seven technical fouls: Matt Barnes, Zach Randolph (X2), Chris Paul (X2), Caron Butler, Blake Griffin

Two ejections

59 fouls and 71 free throws combined. 

Here are the ejections: 

This looks an awful lot like an acting job by Marc Gasol, which somewhat out of his character. Gasol plays mean and nasty, but not traditionally in a faking way. Gasol did suffer an abdominal tear in March which he returned early from, which would indicate his reaction here, but the contact just doesn't look hard enough to cause any damage. Paul just picked up a tech earlier in the game for the usual protesting of calls. 

ZBo went through this series constantly chirping with Barnes throughout the game. So this isn't surprising. Randolph picked up a tech for this tussle earlier in the game

The Grizzlies held a 23-free-throw advantage in the game. 

Joey Craword gonna Joey Crawford.

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