Clippers have strong chance to land Kawhi Leonard and possibly Jimmy Butler next offseason, per report

The Los Angeles Clippers are apparently a hotbed for star players.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Clippers have a strong chance of landing Kawhi Leonard. Heck, not only that, they may also very well be involved in Jimmy Butler trade talks down the road:

"What the Clippers are doing right now is very below the radar," said Wojnarowski on his podcast with Zach Lowe. "What they've done to put themselves in position. They didn't gut themselves and they're not tanking. They're putting a competitive team on the floor.

"I think, right now, with Kawhi Leonard, they have a better than not chance of getting him. We know things will change. He could love Toronto."

Despite only serious interest from the Miami Heat when it pertains to trade talks thus far, Woj suggests that the Clippers will be in the running in the Butler trade sweepstakes by the February trade deadline.

"The Clippers are in great position with [Leonard]," Wojnarowski said. "They have two max slots. They will be heard from again, I think, in these Jimmy Butler trade talks."

For those who have forgotten, the Clippers have long been rumored as Leonard's preferred destination. For one, it's in his hometown of Los Angeles. Secondly, he would have the opportunity to be the clear-cut alpha dog, surrounded by a plethora of quality role players. Not only that, he would have one of the most respected head coaches throughout the NBA in Doc Rivers, who is signed to a long-term deal with the franchise.

Furthermore, the Clippers were one of the three initial teams reportedly listed by Butler when he demanded his trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves last month. The New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets were the others named.

Again, at this point, this is all speculation. But by all accounts, it's safe to assume that the Clippers are a preferred destination for star players on the verge of hitting free agency. The idea of playing in Los Angeles for a team that has quality role players, a veteran head coach and a team with cap space (projected $70 million in 2019) means that the team can pursue two max free agents and build around them.

Could those two max free agents be none other than Kawhi and Butler? Time will tell.

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