Clippers point guard Milos Teodosic is a name every basketball fan needs to know

The Clippers may have lost Chris Paul to the Rockets, but they've found a new point guard that brings a different kind of excitement. Paul brought lob city to Los Angeles, and now Serbia's Milos Teodosic is going to bring the remix. 

If you don't know who he is that's OK. He has spent the entirety of his professional career in Europe and is a 30-year-old rookie. It's easy to overlook players like that. Those who do know who he is know the type of excitement he's going to bring to the Clippers. Teodosic is a lot of things, but the best way to describe his game is flashy. Like this lob play to DeAndre Jordan.

Look at how casually he brings the ball behind his back while bringing it up the floor. Then, before the defense can even get set up, he throws a perfect lob pass to Jordan for the dunk. Lob city is still in Los Angeles, but now it has a little European flair to it.

Paul was known for execution, proper use of speed, and running an offense like a true floor general. Teodosic is fast, fun, and going to be on highlight reels all season long. When he was in Europe it wasn't uncommon to have his name thrown in the mix for best passers in the world. When he makes passes like this all the time it's hard to not see why.

Is it just preseason right now? Yes. Will he probably not be able to get away with a full court outlet pass to Blake Griffin in the regular season? Probably. Is it amazing that he did it anyway and fans everywhere need to be be watching this guy all year long? Absolutely.

Everybody needs to know about the Clippers not so secret weapon. He's a blast to watch and before this his claim to fame was giving Team USA a rough time in Rio during the Olympics. Now he's playing on a team full of NBA players with two of the most athletic bigs in the NBA to work with. Teodosic is someone that people have been waiting for years to make the jump to the NBA. Now that he finally has it's time to see what he can do. If these highlights are any indication then fans are in for a treat.

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