Clippers sign Hedo Turkoglu

The Los Angeles Clippers announced Thursday that they have signed forward Hedo Turkoglu to a contract. Turkoglu was recently waived by the Magic

Turkoglu last appeared with the Magic in 2013, averaging 2.9 points and 2.4 rebounds per game in 11 appearances before injuries shut him down again. Turkoglu was never the same after his peak 2009 season with Orlando in which he helped guide the team to the NBA Finals. He signed a massive contract with Toronto, then was traded to Phoenix and then back to Orlando in the same season. 

The Clippers are suffering through the loss of Chris Paul to a shoulder injury that has him out for another 4-5 weeks. Pretty unlikely Turkoglu's able to give them anything at this point in the career, but the Clippers have been good enough to take some chances. 

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