Coach K: 'Not one second of hesitancy, I'd trade for Kevin Love'

Coach K is a fan of Kevin Love.   (Getty)
Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski is a fan of Kevin Love. (Getty)

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In an interview with John Feinstein on CBS Sports radio, Duke and Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski broke down what he would do in the Cleveland Cavaliers' position of trying to decide whether to trad for Kevin Love

The verdict? He'd trade for Love. 

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"There's absolutely not one second of hesitancy. I'd trade for Kevin Love," Coach K said. "That's not saying anything bad about any of the other youngsters. Love's an All-Star and he's a double-double guy. But he's a double-double guy who can spread the court. There aren't many double-double guys who can spread the floor; he can go inside and outside. There may be a low post player that gets you a double double, but Love, you can do a lot of different things with him."

Krzyzewski went on to make the "you know what you've got" argument with Love, which essentially stipulates that while Wiggins' ceiling may be higher, his actual value is unknown, vs. with Love, you know you're getting an All-Star caliber player. 

"I've coached him on two teams, and no pun intended, I love Kevin Love," he said. "You look at LeBron, and you have the best player in the world. He's 29, I'm not saying he's at the end of his career, but he's in the second-half of his career. And in the first half of his career he was becoming a great player. It took time, just like with Andrew Wiggins, it takes time. LeBron is a great player right now, you do not want to waste any year of a great player's career. Love is close to being that. He's not as great a player as LeBron, but he's there. You know who Love is right now."

"They're always developing, but he's a consistent outstanding player. And to put that with LeBron and a great player with Kyrie [Irving] who will get there quicker with LeBron around and with Love around he'll get there even quicker, because you're influenced by your environment; we all are."

The Cavs are reportedly inching closer to signing Andrew Wiggins, which would put a hold on any trade of Wiggins for Love for 30 days. Cleveland is said to be trying to find a way to trade for Love without giving up the No. 1 pick they selected in June's draft. Minnesota, meanwhile, continues to negotiate with multiple teams including Golden State, who has balked at the inclusion of Klay Thompson

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