Coaches react to Lakers' firing of Mike Brown

Mike Brown has been fired by the Lakers just five games into the season while trying to sort out a completely remade roster with two new All-Stars, one of which has only played in two games because of an injury.

So, what do former and current coaches make of this?

"[It's] the most ridiculous firing in the history of the NBA," Stan Van Gundy told the Orlando Sentinel.

Van Gundy has a unique perspective seeing as he dealt with Dwight Howard in Orlando and eventially was fired, mostly because of Howard.

But the Lakers now have an opening, and Van Gundy needs a job. What if. ...?

"I'm sure I'm at the top of their list," Van Gundy joked to the Sentinel.

With as backwards and discombobulated the Lakers are right now, I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

Also not surprising: A potential return of Phil Jackson. A source close to him through Yahoo! Sports said, "Its a good situation for him. But his heart has to be in it. That's a discussion he has to have with himself ... They kicked him to the curb. Now they are in the same [position]. Maybe worse."

Gregg Popovich via the San Antonio News-Express: "From outside looking in, he never had a chance to put the team together; that's pretty obvious to anybody ... whatever their reasons were, are their reasons ... but Mike is a helluva coach and never had a chance; it's quite premature."

Former Lakers player and assistant Brian Shaw, via the Indianapolis Star: "I have no comment."

And what about Jerry Sloan?

Via David Locke, the Jazz's radio voice, Sloan has no comment on the Lakers situation.

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