Creator of Pelicans' King Cake Baby mascot alleges slasher film 'Happy Death Day' copied his mask

The King Cake Baby is one of sports' most infamous mascots. The mascot was created in 2009 by Jonathan Bertuccelli, and has since been ogled for its sheer strangeness. It was introduced as a mascot for the New Orleans Hornets -- now the New Orleans Pelicans -- and it's a reference to the baby found inside King Cakes, a New Orleans classic closely associated with Mardi Gras.

All of that, and it looks like this.

Bertucceli has taken issue with the killer in the "Happy Death Day" slasher film franchise. The masked killer in the films (Happy Death Day 2U hit theaters Wednesday) seems to share similarities to King Cake Baby. There certainly appears to be a resemblance in their masks:

The King Cake Baby, however, just doesn't see it.

Bertuccelli, however, was struck by the resemblance. "A side-by-side comparison of King Cake Baby and the Happy Death Day mask clearly shows that the visual attributes and aspects which have made King Cake Baby a celebrity mascot were copied and so substantially similar that the two are seen to be the same," Bertuccelli said, via The New Orleans Advocate.

Bertuccelli is reportedly suing Blumhouse Films and Universal Studios, among other players involved in the film. According to, Bertuccelli is seeking half of the net proceeds from the original film and its sequel along with half the proceeds of future movies for the franchise. Per, the lawsuit says that the first movie -- filmed at Loyola University in New Orleans and set in Louisiana -- netted $125 million in profits.

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