Damian Lillard not scared of Warriors, predicts 'Blazers in six'

Another first-round mismatch in the NBA playoffs, another bold prediction from the underdog.

Four years ago, there was Brandon Jennings predicting the Bucks in six. 

Now, Damian Lillard is taking from that playbook with his own bold proclamation: "Blazers in six." 

We know how Jennings' prediction went, as the overmatched Bucks were swept in four games by a dominant Heat team that went on to win its second straight title.

Lillard and his Trail Blazers are facing a similar situation, up against another superteam in the Golden State Warriors. The difference in talent may not be quite as great as Bucks-Heat back in 2013, but the Blazers are certainly facing steep odds to pull off this first round upset. 

To be fair, the Blazers did put up a pretty good challenge as a big underdog against the Warriors last season when they met in the second round of the playoffs, but this time the Warriors have Kevin Durant, and that's going to be a problem -- for everyone, not just Lillard and company. 

Also, what is Lillard supposed to say? That he thinks the Warriors will win? Warriors in five? No, he's going to pick his squad, and rightfully so. 

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