Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard does not want to join a super team -- not even one that plays in his hometown of Oakland. A fan on Twitter asked Lillard if he would be switching teams, and he responded emphatically:

Before turning Lillard into a hero and Kevin Durant or Dwyane Wade into a villain, let's acknowledge the major difference between the situations. Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors as a free agent after spending nine years with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Wade signed with the Chicago Bulls after 13 years with the Miami Heat. Lillard is heading into his fifth season and is under contract through 2021 on a max deal.

Of course Lillard does not have plans to leave Portland. The front office rebuilt the team around him last summer, and he is the face of the franchise. He has never said anything that would suggest he is less than fully committed to the Blazers. When Durant and Wade were at this stage of their careers, they felt the exact same way. Eventually, things changed, and no one knows how Lillard will feel five or 10 years from now.

Lillard did not even need to respond to the tweet, but it's kind of nice that he did. He wants fans in Portland to know that his goal is to win there. Given that his contract extension kicks in next season, there is no risk in saying something this strong.