Watch Now: NBA Free Agent Rapid Fire (8:48)

The Brooklyn Nets reportedly have strong interest in signing Boston Celtics All-Star guard Kyrie Irving to a contract in free agency this summer. If the Nets do that, though, it likely means that they won't bring back their own All-Star guard, D'Angelo Russell

Thus, Russell could be looking for a new NBA home this summer, and Devin Booker would like to see his friend sign with the Phoenix Suns, according to a report from Zach Lowe of ESPN: 

"The Suns will sign a veteran point guard, and Devin Booker has campaigned for Russell -- a close friend. But other voices within the Suns may not share Booker's unabashed enthusiasm, sources say. They have only about $14 million or so in cap space as of now. We'll see how Phoenix approaches the point guard market." 

After a bounce-back campaign in 2018-19, Russell will have no shortage of suitors this summer, as he is even open to a potential reunion with his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, according to a separate report from Bleacher Report. 

The Lakers are in a much different place than they were a couple of years ago when they traded Russell to Brooklyn. Now with LeBron James and Anthony Davis in tow, Russell could potentially serve as the team's third star as they look to turn back into a title team. 

From Bleacher Report: 

"Russell's breakup with the Lakers wasn't pretty, but it's difficult to hold grudges in this league. With [Magic] Johnson gone, some close to Russell have indicated he may be open to the idea if Brooklyn isn't in the picture.  

The decision may come down to the Nets choosing between Irving and Russell, or perhaps Irving selecting Los Angeles or Brooklyn, and then Russell going with the Lakers over the field." 

Booker may want Russell in Phoenix -- and he certainly needs some help -- but unless the Suns are able to shed some salary in order to open up more cap space to sign him, a union between the two sides seems unlikely. 

Unfortunately for Russell, it sort of seems as though his future hinges on Irving's decision, as he may have to wait until Irving signs to figure out where he will continue his career. But, that's just how the pecking order in the NBA works sometimes. With free agency set to start in less than a week, Russell will know where he will be playing next season soon enough.