David Stern and Lucas Nogueira's Afro provide the photo of the draft

An unbelievably awesome, unexpected moment from Thursday night -- David Stern and Lucas Nogueira. (USATSI)

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Who could've guessed such an unpredictable first round of picks could get upstaged by this young man.

This image needs to be David Stern's legacy.

I do believe this is why I was summoned to Brooklyn on a warm summer night. I do believe I'll never forget what I just saw.

That's 20-year-old Lucas Nogueira of Brazil on the right. He was taken No. 16 by the Boston Celtics on Thursday night. Best of all? He didn't get a Green Room invite -- but he was on hand here at the Barclays Center. And when his named was called by Stern, he unfolded from his seat that was a few rows up, whereupon his Afro took up about one-eighth of the arena, and he strutted down to the stage.

Big cheers followed -- as they should have.

Then the image immediately caught flame on Twitter and the Internet in general. There has never been a better half for Stern. This is the epitome of draft night excellence.

You're going to hear and read a lot of things about this draft. Hard to think there will be even two moments more memorable than this man rocking full-bodied follicles and earning himself love and adoration over such an inspired, genre-changing 'do. How does that hat even stay on? Questions keep coming in.

We salute you, Lucas.

And for GIFs sake, let us include. (Via SB Nation.)

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