DeAndre Jordan on his dunk: 'I heard a big thud'

DeAndre Jordan had the dunk heard 'round the world this season, a soaring posterization of Brandon Knight. It was filthy, dirty, sick and whatever other word you feel like using because it probably fits.

Knight already played his end of things off very cool, so it was Jordan's turn to talk about it, as he did on Fox Sports Radio. Via Sports Radio Interviews:

“It was a great pass by Chris. He set me up pretty nice, man, and honestly I didn’t see Brandon until I caught the ball, and then it was too late for me to do anything else but dunk it after that.”

I like how Jordan tries to sort of downplay him destroying Knight in the process. As if he would've seen him it would've changed anything. He acts like he had no choice but to kill Knight.

Part of what made Jordan's dunk so fun was the reaction. Teammates, fans, opposing players -- everyone had one. But what was Jordan's?

“Right after I dunked it I saw him fall and I heard a big thud, so I was kind of looking to see if he was all right. And then I looked at my teammates and their reactions; they were jumping off the bench. I don’t know if you see it, but Matt Barnes sprinted all the way down to the end of the court. Ronny Turiaf just laid on the ground. So I didn’t see the dunk until after the game, but I just get my reactions and how the dunk was off my teammates and how crazy they are, and the crowd’s reaction.”

Not to call Jordan out on it, but he says his first reaction was to check on Knight. Maybe he glanced, but what he immediately does is step right over Knight's cold, lifeless body and go into a big-time strut.

Jordan, a former Texas A&M, is also hoping his newfound dunk fame will earn him a picture with the one and only Johnny Manziel.

“I would hope so. I just wanna get a pic with him doing the Heisman pose.”

After that, maybe Johnny Football will want to get a pic doing the DeAndre Jordan poster pose.

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