Did you know Toronto Raptors big man Serge Ibaka has his own cooking show? Well, now you do. It's called "How Hungry Are You?" and can be found on his YouTube channel. In the most recent episode, he invited his former teammate, DeMar DeRozan, into the kitchen to chat and enjoy some of Ibaka's cooking. 

Unfortunately, DeRozan was in for a surprise as Ibaka cooked him a traditional Congolese dish featuring worms -- something DeRozan wasn't thrilled about. But while DeRozan's reaction was pretty funny, the reason this episode is noteworthy came earlier in the show when the two discussed the upcoming season.

DeRozan, of course, was traded away to the San Antonio Spurs in the blockbuster Kawhi Leonard trade. He wasn't happy at the time, and it seems he's still holding a grudge. He promised Ibaka that he would drop 50 points on the Raptors this season. Plus, the two made a bet where Ibaka has to donate $100 to a charity of DeRozan's choosing every time he falls for one of the All-Star's pump fakes, while DeRozan has to donate the same for every block that Ibaka gets on him.

This was all in good fun -- as expected, with DeRozan's issues with the Raptors extending to the front office, not his teammates -- but don't be surprised if DeRozan actually goes out and drops 50 on the Raptors. Revenge can be pretty motivating. 

Also, the entire episode of Ibaka's show and his conversation with DeRozan is worth watching, if only to see DeRozan freak out at the sight of the cooked worms Ibaka served him.