DeMarcus Cousins apparently zings Derrick Rose's knees

If you're like me, you can't really decide if you love DeMarcus Cousins, or dislike him greatly, and it's for comments like he made where he took an apparent shot at Derrick Rose's comeback last season that never actually happened. 

After sitting out Tuesday because of an ankle injury, Cousins was asked about his availability for Friday's game. His response:

I see it as harmless yucking, which honestly, there isn't enough of anymore in the NBA. It's not even a direct shot at Rose as much as it is about how ridiculous marketing can be, centering a campaign completely around an injury. 

It's one of those things since it's Cousins, who has a habit out of making less-than-thoughtful comments, that some will take great offense. It was probably a dumb thing to joke about, but then again, how you feel about it probably comes down to how you feel about DeMarcus Cousins in the first place. 

Via SportsGrid

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