DeMarcus Cousins can't control himself while praising new Kings guard Ty Lawson

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has never been one to hold his tongue when it comes to talking about (or to) somebody. It's led to technical fouls with referees, and it's gotten him into some hot water with players, announcers and coaches. However, it's not always a bad thing. It can be endearing and his candor can be much appreciated.

For example, Cousins was asked about new Kings point guard Ty Lawson after a recent practice and his answer was entirely complimentary about Lawson's infamous speed and quickness. It was also not suitable for television because as Cousins admits, he forgot the environment of the conversation for a minute.

Sometimes DeMarcus Cousins is just a little too honest. @boogiecousins speaking about @tylawson3

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DeMarcus Cousins
DeMarcus Cousins may have had a slip of the tongue here. Instagram

This is pretty great. Describing Lawson as "that m*********** is quick as s***" is an accurate representation to the speed and quickness with which Lawson performs his point guard duties. It's just exactly the way you're supposed to compose yourself in these interviews most of the time, but it went from a nice answer about Lawson to a fun experience for all in a matter of seconds. And look at the faces Cousins gave us once he realized what he had said:

Let Boogie be Boogie!

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