DeMarcus Cousins has tried to recruit Rudy Gay to stay with Kings

Can Boogie Cousins bring Rudy Gay back to NoCal?  (USATSI)
Can Boogie Cousins bring Rudy Gay back to NoCal? (USATSI)

The Sacramento Bee reports that Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is recruiting Rudy Gay who has an option to become a free agent, in an effort to get the versatile forward to stay in Sacramento.

It's a positive sign of leadership from Cousins, who emerged last season as a legitimate superstar, and showed some small signs of maturity. This news actually reinforces an important point -- Cousins has never had trouble off the court, he only mouths off and has bad habits on it. If he can curtail those and show more of the happy, pleasant side of himself that his teammates at Kentucky got to know, he can pull off things like the recruiting of stars. 

Still, Gay's a veteran, and he's more likely to be swayed by older stars than the younger component, and Cousins is also someone likely to swallow up post touches from him. We'll see if the pitch to Gay has an impact on keeping him with the Kings ... and for how much. Gay's inefficient offense took an upturn in Sacramento, but the Kings have to be careful with not breaking the bank for a guy who may only be worth third-best-player money. 

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