DeMarcus Cousins: 'I really don't understand' the Kings' draft decisions

In recent years, the Sacramento Kings have been one of the more perplexing and puzzling teams in the NBA. They have had a revolving door of coaches and similarly, their roster is always changing.

DeMarcus Cousins though, has been the one constant in Sacramento and he has continually improved his game, becoming one of the best big men in the league. Yet Cousins is often rumored to be on the trade block and in a head-scratching move, the Kings traded the No. 8 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft for the No.13 pick, center Georgios Papagiannis. The Kings made this move despite already having Cousins, Willie Cauley-Stein and Kosta Koufos on their roster.

When the trade happened, Cousins seemed to tweet out his frustrations with the move but he then later clarified that he was referencing a hot yoga class not the latest transaction by the Kings.

Was it just a strange coincidence or was Cousins truly upset by the Kings adding another big man? His comments at Monday's USA Basketball practice may shed some more light on the whole thing.

From the Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones:

"I do my job," Cousins said Monday after Team USA's practice at Mendenhall Center. "I can't control (the draft). I control what I can control."

Cousins said it's not his responsibility to interpret the front office's moves. His task is to play at a high level as a two-time All-Star.

"I really don't understand it," he said of the addition of Papagiannis, "but I do my job."

A rather non-confrontational message from Cousins yet he is right.

He can't truly do anything about the Kings' roster. As their franchise player, Cousins has the right to make suggestions but ultimately he has no actual say on what the Kings choose to do. And with the Kings mired in losing, this is clearly frustrating for Cousins.

However, it is also something that he has become accustomed throughout his career in Sacramento and perhaps things will change now that coach Dave Joerger is in charge. If not Cousins, like he says, can only focus on himself and do what he can to make the Kings a better team.

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