Dennis Rodman checks into alcohol rehab after North Korea trip

After controversial comments during another trip to North Korea, former NBA player Dennis Rodman has checked himself into alcohol rehabilitiation, according to a report.

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman checked into an East Coast alcohol-rehabilitation center after facing backlash for his visit to North Korea, a source close to Rodman told CNN.

He entered the center Wednesday, according to the source. It's not clear how long he will remain in rehab.

Rodman -- a former standout on the NBA's Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls who is well known for his tattoos, piercings and colorful behavior -- recently returned to the United States after a tumultuous visit to North Korea, one of the world's most repressive governments.

Rodman, 52, said alcohol was one reason he shot from the lip earlier this month and told CNN that an American imprisoned in North Korea since 2012 may have done something to deserve his sentence of 15 years' hard labor.

During his latest trip, Rodman defended North Korea's government in their decision to imprison U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae. Rodman later apologized for his comments. He received flak over his comments and trips to North Korea from Mike Tyson and NBA commissioner David Stern.

Rodman played in the NBA for 14 seasons.

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