Dennis Schroder says ex-teammate Dwight Howard tries hard 'four games each year'

Dwight Howard and the Hawks didn't have a great relationship. Howard's one-year stint with the Hawks ended with a first-round playoff exit and a very unhappy Howard only playing 26 minutes per game. Over the offseason he was traded to the Hornets. There were reports that a few Hawks players cheered when they heard the news.

Howard having bad breakups with teams is nothing new. He had an ugly exit from both Orlando and Los Angeles. Houston wasn't particularly pretty either. This could lead to a lot of grudges. Apparently, Dennis Schroder still holds one with his former Hawks teammate. 

According to Schroder, Howard tends to only play hard in games against his former teams.

Well, it's clear that no love has been lost between these two since Howard's exit. To Schroder's point, Howard scored 20 or more points in each matchup against the Hawks this season. He had a double-double in each game. Some of this has to do with Howard having a slight revival in Charlotte, but there's definitely a revenge game factor.

This has been a clear rebuilding year for the Hawks, but maybe next season they can bounce back and get some of their own revenge against Howard. If he's still in Charlotte that is.

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