Dennis Schröder is full of talent. At 22 years old, he is the Atlanta Hawks' best young asset. He looked great playing for Germany this summer at EuroBasket, and his per-36 numbers last season were promising: 18.2 points, 7.5 assists, and 3.9 rebounds. The Hawks might have a problem, though, because Jeff Teague is their starting point guard and Schröder wants that role. He told German magazine Bild that he'll go elsewhere if that can't happen in Atlanta.

"My goal is to start as point guard," Schroder said, as translated by Sportando. "If this doesn't happen, I will look for other opportunities. The Hawks are a great team, the city is nice and everything is perfect now. Teague? He was an All-Star and he helped me a lot. I must be patient and work hard and eventually I'll have my opportunities."

This sounds familiar, doesn't it? When Reggie Jackson talked about his individual aspirations while he was Russell Westbrook's backup in Oklahoma City, it started all sorts of speculation. The Thunder eventually moved him to the Pistons at last season's trade deadline, and he has since signed a long-term deal to be Detroit's floor general. Some will assume a similar thing will have to happen here.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Schröder setting his sights on starting. That's what he should want, just based on his ability. It's not necessarily a great thing that he's being open about it, though. Right now he's clearly Atlanta's sixth man, and his job is to perform consistently in that role. If he just keeps improving, then other teams will likely try to pry him away. He was right when he said he had to be patient.


Dennis Schroder is a bench player for now.  (USATSI)
Dennis Schroder is a bench player with the Atlanta Hawks for now. (USATSI)