Derrick Rose fought back tears when he was traded to Knicks from Bulls, new documentary shows

As Derrick Rose is set to hit free agency, he's released a documentary about his career. "Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story" captures moments from Rose's career and more. Rose, who played with the Bulls from 2008 through 2016, has had a lot of ups and downs due to numerous injuries. But one of the most notable moments in the documentary has nothing to do with his health-- it has to do with getting traded to the Knicks in 2016.

Rose was doing an interview in which he was talking about how he never wanted to leave the Bulls when he found out about the deal.

"You do hear about like trade, trade rumors here and there, and this last one -- the Knicks one -- was pretty big because it caught a lot of people's attention," Rose says in the documentary. "Yeah I just stay out the way man, like it's cool to hear about it and I'm good with being in Chicago, and like I said we're trying to win and get back on the right track."

Rose then received a call where he was informed he was being traded to the Knicks (the video contains some slight graphic language).

What sticks out, other than the crazy timing, is how everyone around Rose wants him to keep his composure during this major change. His agent, B.J. Armstrong, is sympathetic and warns him how big the news will be. The producer is kind, but prods him for his reaction. Even Rose seems to be in some denial, saying that he "might be traded to New York" even though the deal was in fact happening.

It's an extremely candid look at an athlete experiencing some major whiplash, and a glimpse into what they go through behind closed doors. Rose says he feels "anxious" leaving his hometown, saying "it's Chi man. That s--- made me who I am."

Rose, of course, had a tough time in New York. He went AWOL in January 2017, missing a game and getting fined $200,000 in a bizarre situation. To some degree, this moment lends some context as to how that happened.

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