Derrick Rose has double vision, still wants to play in a preseason game

Soon after making some potentially tone deaf comments regarding his 2017 free agency on Media Day, an inadvertent elbow in practice left Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose with an orbital fracture that required surgery. It sounded like Derrick Rose wasn't going to play in the preseason because he needed time to heal and there wasn't any incentive to risk further injury in games that don't matter.

Reporters were able to check in on Rose's status Thursday and the bad news is that the point guard is seeing double vision. In fact, K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune tweeted a quote from Rose saying he was seeing two of people at that moment when he was asked of double vision.

That's unfortunate for Rose because that must be tough to try to practice, go through drills and work out when you're battling double vision. The Bulls have just one more preseason game Friday night when they face the Dallas Mavericks in Nebraska.

There's no way he'd try to play through that in a game, let alone in a preseason game that doesn't matter, right? Well...

Rose is in a tough spot here. He constantly has his toughness questioned because he's battled so many injuries. During the 2014 playoffs, he was sitting out with his knee injury recovery while we watched Joakim Noah battle through a foot injury. People questioned then if Rose should be out there when injured teammates were giving all they had in postseason games.

The problem with this is it could put more pressure on Rose to play when he's not quite ready to do so, and that could lead to further injury for him. Then he starts missing even more time on the court in a career that is far more dampened now than it was four years ago when he was the league's MVP. Being able to battle that pressure is as much a part of Rose's career now as battling the opponents on the court.

So what is he to do? He probably wants to work off some rust and see what he can do in a game that doesn't matter, but you probably don't want him getting hurt worse in a game that yields no reward and nothing but risk. Playing with double vision just sounds like a really bad idea, even if it's for 10-15 minutes in an exhibition game.

Derrick Rose probably shouldn't play with double vision. (USATSI)
Derrick Rose probably shouldn't play with double vision. (USATSI)
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