Derrick Rose playing 5-on-5 again

Derrick Rose is playing 5-on-5 again..  (USATSI)
Derrick Rose is playing 5-on-5 again. (USATSI)

Ken Berger of reports that Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, who missed nearly the entirty of the season for the second straight year, has no practice restrictions and looks "like the old Derrick Rose." 

The Bulls are emboldened by their options and flexibility heading into the draft and free agency, and the No. 1 reason just happens to be their most important piece of the puzzle: Derrick Rose. Rose is playing 5-on-5 on a daily basis, and, according to one witness, "looks like the old Derrick Rose." So much of the Bulls' future is tied to the former MVP regaining his form and health, but the team's focus now is getting him some help.

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That's pretty good news for the Bulls, and could assuage some fears based around Rose's intention to play for Team USA this summer. But more importantly, it helps with their free agency plan. 

The Bulls are all-in on Rose anyway, as the star of their present and future. But if there were still issues with his rehab, as there were after his ACL surgery recovery which dragged on for months past his projected return date, they might have had to hedge with their plans. Rose being able to show his full game and looking like "himself' in 5-on-5 play means Chicago can feel good about where their future is headed. For more on that plan, including Carmelo Anthony and Arron Afflalo, read Berger's latest draft update. 

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