This week, Carmelo Anthony said the New York Knicks are a "very special team on paper right now." This was an exaggeration -- it would have been more accurate to say that they are a potentially pretty good team on paper right now. Anthony's optimism, however, appears to pale in comparison to that of his new teammate, Derrick Rose. On Friday, Rose put the Knicks in the same category as the Golden State Warriors, who won an NBA-record 73 games last season and then signed Kevin Durant.

"[Expectations are] high," Rose said, via's Lang Whitaker. "I mean, with these teams right now, they're saying us and Golden State are the super teams, and they're trying not to build that many super teams, and Adam Silver came out with the statement and this and that. And the expectations I think of us, we just want to win. Talking to Melo and all the guys who've been around. You've got Brandon [Jennings] who just signed for one year, he's got to show why he's there. I've got to show why I'm there. Joakim [Noah] has to show why he's there. Everybody's trying to prove themselves."

Question: Who is "they?" Is there anyone at all who considers New York a super team? Does Spike Lee? Michael Rapaport? The kid who booed Kristaps Porzingis on draft night and then wore his jersey? Since Durant joined Golden State, there has been an arguably annoying amount of discussion about super teams and whether they are good for the NBA.

This topic of discussion has been almost inescapable. As far as I can tell, until this comment from Rose, it never involved the Knicks.

In fairness, New York has added some big names this summer. There is a possibility that Rose and Noah both play like their old All-Star selves and the team outperforms any reasonable expectations. Realistically, though, the season should be seen as a success if the Knicks simply stay healthy, avoid drama and make the playoffs. Let's avoid mentioning them in the same breath as the Warriors.