As the late great Rodney Dangerfield would say, the Cleveland Cavaliers are getting no respect. Despite defeating the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, according to Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, the Cavs are not favored to win the 2017 championship.

Westgate has the Warriors with the best odds at winning the championship next year:

TeamOpening OddsCurrent
Golden State Warriors3-27-4
Cleveland Cavaliers5-25-2
San Antonio Spurs6-16-1
Oklahoma City Thunder8-17-1
Los Angeles Clippers16-116-1
Boston Celtics20-120-1
Miami Heat25-125-1
Toronto Raptors25-125-1
Chicago Bulls40-140-1
Atlanta Hawks40-140-1
Minnesota Timberwolves60-160-1
New Orleans Pelicans60-160-1
Portland Trail Blazers60-160-1
Houston Rockets60-160-1
Memphis Grizzlies80-180-1
Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Lakers100-180-1
Philadelphia 76ers100-180-1
Washington Wizards1o0-1100-1
Indiana Pacers100-1100-1
Dallas Mavericks100-1100-1
Milwaukee Bucks100-1100-1
Detroit Pistons100-1100-1
Charlotte Hornets80-1100-1
New York Knicks100-1100-1
Sacramento Kings100-1100-1
Denver Nuggets100-1200-1
Phoenix Suns300-1300-1
Brooklyn Nets500-1500-1

Golden State having the best odds makes sense when you consider that the Warriors are the best regular season team of all time and should have the majority of the roster back next season. The Cavs are also right behind them. But anything could happen in free agency and if Kevin Durant or another big time free agent heads to a championship contender, expect these odds to change. It's hard to believe that the season is over, but here we are already talking about the 2016-17 season.

Stephen Curry hugs Kyrie Irving after Game 7
Stephen Curry and the Warriors are favored to win the championship next season. USATSI