The Suns and Grizzlies got into a scuffle Wednesday night during Memphis' 110-91 victory. It started after Troy Daniels hit a 3-pointer in Devin Booker's face, and then talked trash to him:

In previous meetings with the Grizzlies, the 20-year-old Booker has had altercations with Tony Allen and Zach Randolph. After the Suns lost by 19, Booker ran down Williams after the game, indicating that a role player like Williams should not talk trash to a star such as himself:

"I don't know why he's talking to me," Booker said. "He's been on five teams in three years and he has the nerve to talk to me."

So, some thoughts:

1. Booker is going to be beloved in this league. Fans and media love a player with the confidence to come out, after a 19-point butt-kicking, and run down the role player who talked trash to you, after you were a minus-21. That kind of undaunted confidence is awe-inspiring and endearing. He's going to be a megastar in this league someday.

2. Booker is currently unable to buy beer, so perhaps he should go buy himself a soda and wait until the Suns are .500 before talking trash to guys who have had to earn their way into the league.

3. Booker is indeed a star. He's going to make more money in his career than Daniels, have a bigger impact, have commercials and posters and everything else. He's a star, at least in the making, so in that regard, he's correct in asserting the inequality of the two players' standing.

4. On the other hand, Booker and Daniels combined to make four 3-pointers Wednesday. In related news, Troy Daniels made four 3-pointers Wednesday.

5. These two teams meet again in a few weeks. Be sure to tune in to find out what Grizzlies player the young whippersnapper makes angry in a blowout next.