In a stunning move, Charles Barkley was remarkably consistent, even-handed, and logical in his assessment of Kevin Durant's decision to come to the Golden State Warriors.

Just kidding.

Barkley told ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike that he's "disappointed" in Durant's decision and suggested that it was at least "like" cheating. From ESPN:

"I was disappointed. I was disappointed like I was disappointed when LeBron went to Miami," Barkley said on ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike on Wednesday. "Kevin is a terrific player, he's a good kid. But just disappointed with the fact that he weakened another team and he's gonna kind of gravy train on a terrific Warriors team. Just disappointed from a competitive standpoint. Because just like it meant more to LeBron to win one in Cleveland, it would mean more to Kevin to win one in Oklahoma than it would be in Golden State."

"We develop this thing where you keep telling these guys, 'Hey man, if you don't win a championship you're a bum.' I don't feel like a bum," he said. "I'm pretty sure Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone and John Stockton -- we think we're pretty damn good. We could have played with some of those other guys and kind of cheated our way to a championship. But there is this thing that started with this new generation where these guys feel so much pressure. Everybody wants to win."

Source: Charles Barkley thinks stars like Kevin Durant cheating to get title.

I actually think Barkley's approach on being disappointed is fair. It would have meant more to win a title in Oklahoma City than it will in Golden State when/if the Warriors roll through the league like a boulder rolling through a village while on fire. And he's right that breaking everything down to winning titles is a bad way to assess a player's career.

Charles Barkley says stuff a lot. USATSI

However, you cannot read him talking about players teaming up and not immediately freak out and ask "But wait, you demanded to be traded to a contender, not once, but twice, first with Phoenix and then again to Houston where you joined Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler."

That's just the reality. Barkley has talked about how you want to play with great players. The Thunder had a great team, the Warriors have great players everywhere, and a great team.

Barkley's not 100 percent wrong on this, just like no one in the divisive issue of Durant's decision is. But he's got to have some sense of the reality of the situation. You can expect every other former player on the planet to chime in later.