Draft hopeful Victor Oladipo declines to work out for Wizards

Indiana guard Victor Oladipo won't work out for the Wizards after invited to their facility and has made comments indicating he doesn't want Washington to draft him later this month.

According to the Washington Post:

According to multiple league sources with knowledge of the situation, Oladipo has declined the Wizards’ invitation to work out at Verizon Center. But Oladipo has given the team the option of watching him work out at DeMatha or another facility in Bowie, where he has been preparing for the NBA Draft.

Oladipo grew up in Upper Marlboro but doesn’t expect his career to begin with his hometown team, which already has its backcourt set with John Wall and Bradley Beal. When asked about the possibility of playing for the Wizards during the NBA combine last month in Chicago, Oladipo didn’t sound as if he thought it would be the best fit.

“It would be interesting because they already have John Wall and Bradley Beal,” he said, “but I feel like if I land there, I can make an impact in whatever area they want to, and just help the team win.”

via Indiana’s Victor Oladipo declines invitation to work out at Verizon Center

Normally I don't like to see prospects trying to influence who does and does not draft them -- and prefer them to just be happy with the chance that they're given. But the Wizards have been so phenomenally bad at developing talent, on top of having a logjam at Oladipo's likely position, you can't blame the kid and his representatives for wanting to steer the Wizards away from picking him. 

The Wizards, who have the third pick, have been widely linked to Georgetown forward Otto Porter. Oladipo may be the most NBA-ready talent in the draft, but with limited size, he wouldn't fit well next to Beal, and the Wizards are in need of shooters, which is Oladipo's biggest weakness. 

Washington would do well to stay away. If a player doesn't want to embrace your culture and team's opportunity, there's little point in trying to convince him. You should only want players who want to be a part of what you're doing. The Wizards' future looks bright with Wall and Beal, along with some veterans. They don't really need Oladipo to begin with.

Oladipo is expected to be a top-10 pick, possibly rising into the top 5, later this month. 

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