Drake is fashion designer, All-Star ambassador for Raptors

Started from the bottom, now he's part of the Raptors. That's knid of like "here," right?

The Toronto Star reports that R&B/hip-hop icon Drake will join the Raptor in a variety of business capacities. 

The nuptials will start Monday with an announcement that Drake is partnering with the Raptors as they accept the 2016 NBA All-Star Game.

He’ll be drafted in as a non-official host of festivities. An actual MC, as well as a figurative one.

The hip-hop star will also launch a clothing line in conjunction with the team. Most intriguingly, he is being asked to consult on a complete redesign of the club’s image to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the franchise in the 2014-15 season.

via Raptors, Drake team up for rebranding: Kelly | Toronto Star.

It's a move that's being consistently compared to Jay-Z's involvement with the Brooklyn Nets, before his departure to take on clients as an agent this summer. It capitalizes on the emotive crooner's immense popularity, and allows for the Raptors to have a culturally relevant face tied to the team. 

The team is changing its own image in small ways, with a new logo and color scheme on the way, but there will be no change in name, to the chagrin of many fans. 

The best part of this arrangement really has to do with having him as someone to try and convince players to come north of the border. Toronto has historically struggled with free agency, but Drake is immensely popular with NBA players, and is good friends with MVP LeBron James. (Don't even start thinking about James going to Toronto next summer.)

The move coincides with Monday's announcement that the 2016 All-Star Game will be in Toronto. 

Drake as a consultant, Tim Leiweke in charge, Anthony Bennett a No. 1 pick and Andrew Wiggins the favorite to also be No. 1 in 2014? Has the age of Canada arrived? 

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