This season, instead of announcing major awards like the MVP and Rookie of the Year at different points of the postseason, the NBA will announce everything in one year-end award show on TNT. The show will take place on June 26. While not many other details about the show have been revealed, it sounds like Raptors Global Ambassador and rapper extraordinaire Drake will host it.

Drake himself revealed this bit of information in an appearance on University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari's Cal Cast podcast. The rapper hosted the ESPY Awards in 2014 and hopes to bring a similar vibe to the NBA's award show.

"In light of the ESPYs. I don't even know I'm allowed to say this yet, we'll find out but I'll say it anyway," Drake tells Coach Cal around the 29 minute mark of the podcast. "I'm actually producing and hosting the first annual NBA awards this year. I get to take the reigns on it, which again the ESPYs let me do great things and I thank them a lot for that. Usually award shows sometimes are a bit restrictive but they let me do a lot at the ESPYs, so we'll expand on that concept. I love hosting, I love being in a room with iconic, legendary people that I look up to and having that pressure to make them laugh and enjoy their evening. Hopefully that will go well."

Drake's friendship with Stephen Curry and others in the NBA family is perhaps one reason why he was selected as the players will likely enjoy him hosting their award show. He also has a strong presence in the NBA and played the role of the host at last year's All-Star festivities in Toronto.

And while Drake hosting will likely lead to some corny moments, he is an entertainer through and through. So at the very least Drake should make the NBA awards entertaining.

(H/T: Variance)