I'm not sure how many people could've foreseen the Cleveland Cavaliers losing Game 3 to the Toronto Raptors after the way the first two games went in Cleveland. But the Raptors impressively defended home court in Game 3 and will look to do it again in Game 4 to hopefully even up the series at 2-2. They'll have some extra encouragement on Monday night when Game 4 tips off because rapper and Raptors' global ambassador (whatever that means) Drake will be in attendance.

He posted a picture on Instagram of LeBron James complaining with the caption "Flying home for Game 4" and then a crying emoji.

Flying home for game 4. @djstephfloss 😢

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So I have a question. Let's say the trend of the first two games spills over into Game 3 and the Cavs absolutely annihilate the Raptors Saturday night. Does Drake still fly back for Game 4? Maybe he does it because it could potentially be the last game of the Raptors season and he is the global ambassador (whatever that means) of the team, after all. You can't say Drake is jumping on the bandwagon of the Raptors because he's known to be a pretty big Raptors fan, but it's at least curious, right?

You definitely don't want him on your bandwagon if you're a sports team.

Thing is, we don't know if he'll be rooting for LeBron or the Raptors when it comes to their showdown in Game 4 in Toronto. We probably won't find out until the final score is figured out.

Drake will be back in Toronto for Game 4. USATSI