Draymond Green: 'A lot of people have forgotten what we're capable of'

Draymond Green and the Warriors will always find a source of motivation. That's what great teams like Golden State do. Whether it's an overall goal for the season, a comment made by an opponent, or just simply winning the title, the NBA's best always find something to strive for.

The Warriors, a team that in the past has put itself among the greatest ever, are fans of the disrespect card. Despite a 73-win season and two championships in the past three years, the Warriors always find a way to prove that someone didn't believe in them. Green spoke about those doubters after a dominant Game 1 victory over the Spurs.

"Regardless of what everyone said, the Warriors have lost it, they're not together, they can't win without Steph, they're not the same team....We know what we're capable of. There's been games we've won without Steph, series, same as Kevin, myself, we've won games without myself. We've won games without Klay. We've won games without our head coach. We're primed for this. A lot of people have (forgotten) what we're capable of. We know, and we're going to show that."

The initial reaction to anyone on the Warriors playing the disrespect card is always amusement. How can a team that is considered a title favorite possibly feel disrespected? However, to Green's point, there were moments of concern with the Warriors entering the playoffs. They didn't finish the regular season strong and Stephen Curry being out with an MCL Injury was a big part of that concern. 

Of course, the Warriors are still the favorite even with Curry out injured. That's how most people feel about them. It still won't stop Green using potential disrespect as motivation for himself and their teammates. This is part of who he is and what he does. If the Warriors want to use concern about how they will play without Curry as motivation then more power to them. They've earned the right to do whatever they want. 

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