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A week after he spent time putting his foot in his mouth over the topic of pay disparity between men and women athletes, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green used his voice for something actually interesting. Appearing on Kevin Durant's podcast "The ETCs with Kevin Durant," Green revealed what he told Durant in that famous meme of the forward hyping up his then-Golden State teammate.

For the uninitiated, this is the meme in question:

That happened back in 2017 and became a hit on NBA Twitter. As so happens, Green actually remembers the hype-up spiel he was giving Durant at the time.

"I was definitely gassing him up like, 'Yo, can't nobody f--- with you, can't nobody f------- stop you,'" Green revealed. "That's what I was saying.

"I'm like 'K, if you do this, they can't f------ stop you,' and you was going like 'Yep I know it.'"

Durant added that all he thought at the time was "Yea ... I know. But I like this gas though, I ain't have this from nobody."

This all came in the context of revisiting the time Green and Durant shared on the Warriors. The two addressed the confrontations they had with one another on the court, how they've buried any sort of beef they had with one another, how fun those Warriors teams were and the unspecified stuff going on behind the scenes that David West cryptically mentioned after the 2018 championship.