Earlier this summer, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant stole the spotlight when they sat down for a much-anticipated discussion about their relationship and Durant's departure from the Golden State Warriors following the 2018-19 season -- a decision that stemmed, at least in part, from an argument the two had. 

It was a fairly serious conversation, at least as far as basketball goes. Now, Green has revealed one of the more light-hearted aspects of the whole saga. During an appearance on Carmleo Anthony's podcast, "What's in Your Glass?," Green was explaining how the idea of filming his talk with Durant came about, and said that at one point Durant had his number blocked and they were only communicating through Instagram DMs. 

"I think there was a time period of where he wasn't trying to say nothin' to me. I think there was a time period where my number might have been blocked from his phone. I think there was a time period where I could only talk to him through Instagram DM. 

But I ain't never hit him on no like, "D***, you got a new number?" or "Yo, did you block me?" If I can only talk to you on Instagram DM, then that's where I'm going to talk to you at. Because ultimately, it's your decision on whatever terms we're going to be on. 

The terms I wanna be on is that you my brother, I love you, I got nothin' but love for you, and we can continue to build our relationship. But if that's not where you're at, I had to respect that."

Anthony had to interject at one point to joke about Durant's social media habits. 

"First of all, KD, you gotta stop that s--- man," Anthony said. "Keep hitting us up on Instagram DMs, come on man."

Here's a video clip of that segment:

Green's discussions with Durant and Anthony are worth watching in full because they reveal a lot about the behind the scenes moments that shape what we see on the court. If the Green-Durant episode had been handled differently, perhaps the Warriors would have kept things together and won more titles. And that, in turn would have dramatically changed the trajectories of countless other teams and players. For as much as we know about what goes in in the NBA, there's just as much that we don't know. 

But getting back to this specific anecdote, Durant blocking Green's number and only talking to him on Instagram is so cool. He really does have the spirit of a true poster.