Draymond Green says he laughed in Kevin Durant's face after social media saga

Draymond Green is no stranger to social media slip-ups, infamously posting an extremely NSFW picture to his Snapchat account last summer. 

It made sense, then, that he was quick to reach out to Kevin Durant after his Warriors teammate got himself into a social media saga of his own. Earlier this week, KD sent some tweets criticizing his former team -- the Oklahoma City Thunder -- as well as his former coach Billy Donovan. The deleted tweets then led to social media detectives discovering Durant's secret Instagram account. 

In the end, Durant made the wise decision to fess up and apologize, and he did so with the help of Green, who noted Friday that he had been in contact with Durant to help him through the dilemma. 

Of course, Draymond being Draymond, he also added that when he saw Durant, he laughed in his face. 

"I reached out to him. I talked to him through text the day of, and then the next day I saw him in person and I laughed in his face. I got a good laugh out of it, it's pretty funny to me."

Classic Draymond, who, as usual, is right. This was pretty funny. 

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