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Warriors general manager Bob Myers echoed the sentiment of thousands of Golden State Warriors fans in reaction to the NBA's decision to suspend forward Draymond Green for Game 3 of their opening-round series against the Sacramento Kings: "We've been here before."

For all the tremendous benefits of having Green on the court over the past 11 seasons, he has also caused plenty of strife through actions that have led to multiple ejections, fines and suspensions. That history is part of the reason that the league levied a one-game suspension for Green stomping on the chest of Domantas Sabonis during the fourth quarter of the Kings' 114-106 Game 2 win on Monday, which gave Sacramento a 2-0 lead in the series. NBA executive vice president, head of basketball operations Joe Dumars said that Green's actions following the incident -- engaging with the Sacramento crowd -- were also taken into consideration.

On Wednesday, the Warriors reacted to the suspension the only way they could -- with resignation. The suspension has been issued and it's now out of their hands, so it's time to move on and prepare for a Game 3 in which Green will not even be allowed in the building.

Golden State head coach Steve Kerr said he was "extremely surprised" at the suspension, adding that Green practiced on Wednesday and addressed his teammates.

"There's no time to spend worrying about it, thinking about it or complaining. It doesn't matter," Kerr said. "We know what the league decided to do and we have to respond accordingly. ... We just have to move on, and move on to the game. I'll let everybody else play judge."

Warriors general manager Bob Myers discussed the logistics of the process, saying that the league texted him, but did not speak with him about the incident before notifying him of the suspension.

"In their defense, what do they care what I have to say? They know what I'm gonna say," Myers said on Wednesday. "They don't need me to make the decision. ... Once these decisions are made, there's no appellate court. It's over. So, you can react however you want to react, but it doesn't change the fact that he's not playing, and we've got a game tomorrow night."

When asked if he felt the suspension was fair, Myers continued to shift the conversation toward Game 3.

"I've got to focus on getting our team -- whatever I can do to help the guys. I spoke to Draymond last night about it and told him that, when he shows up today, it's got to be about the team and helping them win. It's not about whether he should or shouldn't have been suspended. That doesn't help anyone."

Kerr acknowledged Green's history with disciplinary action from the league -- he was notably suspended for Game 5 or the 2016 NBA Finals after a similar on-court incident in which he became entangled with LeBron James and Green gave what the league deemed a retaliatory swipe to James' groin. During training camp prior to the start of this season, Green was seen on video punching teammate Jordan Poole. On Wednesday, Kerr continued to support Green despite the previous incidents.

"I've said it many times -- we don't have a single championship here without Draymond Green. And that's the truth," Kerr said. "He's crossed the line over the years, and that's part of it. We will go to bat for Draymond and go to battle with him every day of the week."

While Green is unable to play in Thursday's Game 3, Sabonis is listed as questionable with a sternum contusion. Should Sabonis take the floor, the Warriors will be at an extreme disadvantage without their best defender and playmaker facing a potential 3-0 deficit.