To put it mildly, Kevin Durant has had a busy summer. He started his summer off by signing with the Golden State Warriors in free agency and then a few weeks later traveled to Rio to play for Team USA at the Olympic Games, where he won his second gold medal.

Durant is apparently very proud of his gold medal. Given he was the team's leading scorer and was instrumental in USA winning in the final tournament game, he has plenty of reasons to be. However, Durant's pride seems to have rubbed some of his Golden State teammates the wrong way. Mainly because he won't take it off.

Durant even wore it to the Monday night football game between his Washington Redskins and the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. And for Draymond Green this was too much.

According to Green, he and the rest of his teammates shamed Durant in their group text so much that he has finally decided to stop wearing it out in public. From Green's appearance on Conan:

"Well KD had his on at the Monday Night Football game last night," Green said. "And we still have our group chat, and we all talked about him like, 'Dude, give it a break.' Go put it up somewhere. What are you doing? Everybody knows you won it, KD. Give it a break."

Durant may be a superstar but on a team full of superstars like the Warriors, any ego he may have, is automatically checked at the door. But that is just all part of the team-first culture in Golden State where all of the Warriors take great pride in razzing each other. That type of team bonding is a big reason why the Warriors have been so successful since coach Steve Kerr took over. And now thanks to Green, Durant has clearly been initiated.