Dwight Howard has dreams of evolving into 'his own version' of Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis until age 40

This just in: Dwight Howard hopes to be a better, younger version of himself some day. 

That's the news we got Tuesday when a Washington Post article detailed Howard's desire to play until he's 40 years old. Howard, 32, just signed with the Wizards this offseason after being traded from the Hornets to the Nets, who immediately bought out his contract. 

In that article, Howard's trainer delivered quite an interesting quote regarding his client's goals. 

"He wants to evolve into Anthony Davis, into Kevin Durant," Zormelo says, "but his own version of that."

Howard wants to spend almost another decade evolving. Downs vowed to be there until the end of a career that potentially lasts until Year 22. They won't stop until a 40-year-old NBA player is staring back at Howard in the mirror.

Well, that goal sure is ... lofty. That would essentially be the NBA equivalent of a Magikarp becoming a Gyarados. (Hello, my fellow Pokémon nerds.)

I guess you can't blame Howard for being optimistic and setting his sights on somehow evolving into a hybrid of two of the best NBA players in the game today. But it's also very easy to poke fun at that idea considering A.) how ambitious it is, and B.) it's Dwight Howard.

Sure, he's gifted with talent and athleticism and has been a very productive player for much of his career, and he's not exactly slowing down. But he's also become somewhat of a punching bag across the league due to his personality. And his terrible jokes.

Howard has been all over the map, both figuratively and literally. He's unpredictable. He's got a history of locker room issues and attitude problems, and he's become somewhat of a journeyman. The Wizards will be his sixth NBA team (if you don't count his 10-minute stay with the Nets) and his fourth in the last four years. 

Obviously, Washington is willing enough to take a chance on him with a two-year deal, and it's probably encouraged by his goals of evolving into a better player who is more suited for today's style of basketball. And, to his credit, it seems he's putting in the work -- he's slimmed down to 265 pounds with 3.3 percent body fat.

Who knows, maybe we're heading into the Dwight Howard renaissance period and we'll all eventually have to eat crow for laughing at his lofty aspirations. But for now, it feels safe to have a good chuckle. 

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