Dwight Howard plans to retire on a farm when his NBA career is over

Dwight Howard was once on top of the world in terms of popularity. He led the Magic to the NBA Finals. Endorsement deals, a guaranteed starter at the All-Star Game and a face of the league. He relished the attention and a future on TV seemed inevitable for him when his career was over. Now, he's a veteran bouncing around teams and carrying an image that has tarnished throughout the years.

Howard sat down with Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins to talk about just that in a fascinating look at the fall of Howard and what he's done to remake his image. While talking with Jenkins, Howard revealed his retirement plans and they're interesting to say the least. Howard has decided he wants to be a farmer.

This summer Howard bought a 700-acre farm in north Georgia where he relaxes with the cows, hogs, turkeys and deer. He is particularly fond of the donkeys, which keep the coyotes away. To prepare for retirement, Howard has written what he calls his "99-year plan," in which he hopes to become Farmer Dwight.  

This is a definite change of goals for the player who once loved to live the basketball lifestyle. Most athletes don't go from goals of being in movies to working on a farm, but that doesn't mean Howard can't find enjoyment in that way of life. Perhaps this has been something he always wanted to do in life, but basketball changed that. More power to him in whatever makes him happy.

Howard also told Jenkins that he almost retired from the NBA at one point due to his unhappiness. It sounds like he's beginning to regain the joy he had in his younger life and maybe his aspirations as a farmer have something to do with that. 

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